Photo Credit: Klemen Razinger

Dj Alright plays everything that makes you wanna dance, starting with classics from the early jazz era the musical journey touches a lot of swingable styles, such as Hot Jazz, Big Band, Jump Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Soul or Doo Wap up to Contemporary Jazz Music. Being interested in Jazz since his father listened to vinyl records when he was a kid, Dj Alright is always on the mission to provide you with the hottest tunes in town.

Photo Credit: Grega Bohinc

For the next edition of `Swing Swing Swing` we are happy to present Maren Merian and Guy Grassiani!
Maren and Guy have the best time dancing together! They love playing with the music, their connection and shapes, to create fun and dynamic dances. They focus on making classes clear, relatable and well structured so you can get the most out of each class. You will always leave their classes with a smile so big, you won't believe how in an hour of such fun, you've learned so much!

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